CMHA Battlefords

Programs + Services

Wellness is a day program incorporating art and creativity; mindfulness and stress reduction; exercise and sports; and food preparation to encourage and support the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual dimensions of wellness. Participants become more connected to the environment, develop belief systems and positive self-identity and benefit from physical activity and good nutrition.

Our Peer Support service provides the opportunity for anyone looking for a connection with someone who understands what it is like to experience a mental health or substance use concern, and the chance to speak to someone with personal experience.

Seniors Club provides a balance of social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual activities that support healthy aging. Participants have an opportunity to be physically active, learn new ways to care for body and mind, explore one’s purpose in life, form new friendships and have some fun!

The Living Well Learning Centre is an extension of CMHA Battlefords, using an education-based approach offering courses that focus on well-being and recovery. Courses are open to everyone and are free of charge. Courses are interactive and create a positive learning experience allowing individuals to create connections, share experiences and further develop personal wellness.

Independence Commons is a multi-faceted mental health program incorporating safe and affordable housing to support independence, peer support, socialization, recovery and vocational therapy.

Recreation offers members opportunities to connect with peers socially while participating in fun activities that are free/affordable. Activities are offered evenings and weekends throughout the year and include coffee outings, games, movie nights, suppers, BBQs and sports. Seasonal activities, such as curling, boating, weekend camp-outs, a week long affordable vacation and day trips to other communities are also part of this program.

Vocational Therapy offers meaningful employment opportunities to persons living with significant mental illness, problems and/or addiction to learn skills, build self-esteem and make a difference in our community. Teams work together mowing grass, shovelling snow, delivering flyers and cleaning yards in spring/fall for residential and commercial customers. Participants gain experience in janitorial work, seasonal campground management and housekeeping for others living with mental health problems and illness.

This program works to link individuals experiencing mental health or substance use concerns to essential community services. The team supports individuals with resources as needed.

Our space is a second home to many and an open door to all. We offer support and direction to those seeking mental health services and help members with day to day challenges that can seem overwhelming. We’re that safe, accepting place that welcomes all.